About Intermezzo Catering

The Story

Owner's Chefs Michael and Karen started Intermezzo Catering in 2016, seven years after first working with each other in San Francisco.   Although they took different culinary paths, their passion for food and entertaining brought them together again.  

Chef Michael Betancourt

As a Bay Area native, my first culinary pursuits began as a kid in my grandma’s kitchen, cooking traditional Puerto Rican cuisine. With advice and encouragement from my mentor, Chef Hosmer, I enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, Ontario. After graduation, I started down my career path by apprenticing under notable chefs: Michael Tusk (Quince), Nobu Matsuhisa (Nobu), Craig Stoll (Delfina), Bradley Ogden (Parcel 104), and Ray Tang (Presidio Social Club). After more than a decade of creating dishes ranging from farm-to-table to Asian to fine-dining and working side-by-side with some of the best chefs in the industry, I decided to embark in a new adventure and start my own catering company with a long-time professional and personal friend.

Chef Karen Chiappone

My interest in food began at the tender age of eight. I remember my Grandmother preparing fresh pasta and hanging it on coat hangers to dry. Amazed at how delicious a few simple ingredients could create such an incredible meal, my love of food was born. Working on my parent’s vegetable farm, I understood farm-to-table prior to the popular phrase. When I started traveling to Italy, a new world was opened to me. I was able to attend Guiliano Bugialli’s cooking school in Florence, Italy. I began a catering business, and then opened my dream business of a cooking school and retail store. Since that time, I taught classes and worked with celebrity chefs such as Joyce Goldstein and Curtis Stone and created food and wine pairing events for several popular wineries in the Bay Area before reuniting with my good friend to start this company.